Donate Items to the Museum

The Museum welcomes donations of artifacts, documents, prints, photographs, and items of material culture. If you have an item to donate, please contact the Museum by e-mail with a description of the items and with "collections" in the subject line, or by standard mail to: African American Foundation of Southeastern North Carolina , PO Box 244, Leland, NC 28451.

Financial Support

We ask you to become part of our vision to establish a premier cultural and educational institution for all people to discover, learn and enjoy.

Your contribution will touch the lives of many, young and old, as the foundation moves forward with its plans to restore the Richter building. Like any worthwhile project, progress happens in small steps and the foundation is proud of its accomplishments in bringing several events to the community, such as Voices of Change in African American Life, the Historic African American Church Tour, and a wide array of activities to celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life.

To make a financial contribution, send your check payable to: African American Heritage Foundation of Southeastern North Carolina, Inc.(AAHFSENC), and mail to: PO Box 244, Leland, NC 28451. For a limited time, you can also contribute to AAHFSENC by purchasing the book Moving Forward Together, a memorial to the events of 1898. Through gracious donation, AAHFW will retain proceeds from each book sold through the organization. You can find out more by visiting the 1898 Memorial Book page of our website.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a founding member or a naming opportunity, please call John Battle, President/CEO at 910-256-3404. Your contribution is tax deductible according to IRS guidelines for 501 (C)(3) organizations.

Donate Your Time

Our museum will thrive and grow through the power of committed volunteers. These individuals help set policy, deliver programs, educate the public, raise funds, provide leadership and more to help accomplish the museum's mission.

Regardless of your race, cultural background, age, or economic standing, you are part of the Wilmington story and American family. We strongly encourage you to get involved with the museum. There are a number of areas where you could help: Program Committee, Collections Committee, Facilities Committee, Fundraising and Membership Committee, and Communications/Marketing Committee. For more information, contact:

Marilyn Cantarella, Vice President and Board Development Chair

African American Foundation of Southeastern North Carolina

PO Box 244

Leland, NC 28451